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of the weakness is coming from the energy sector. if we exclude energy, revenues would be up above 3% overall. not great growth, but a little better than the 1% expectation we're seeing now. >> give me artful speculation john. >> if the numbers are so muted, so soggy, why is the stock market moving up as well as it is. >> well, it could be a case that the market is already discounting the second quarter and looking ahead to the second half of the 2013. expectations for growth are projected to improve quite a bit. in a third quarter, analysts are looking for growth to improve to 7%. in the third quarter it's expected to jump up to 13%. we talk about it quarter after quarter, you want to watch the guidance the companies are giving for q 3 and for the second half of the year, again, there are lofty expectations for earnings growth for the second half of the year. it will be interesting to see what companies are affording that growth, and which are ratcheting their numbers down. >>> still ahead on the program tonight, there are over 8,000 mutual funds and etf's out there, you may need to only hav
. here's why. this city has a vitality and an energy that manages to be self-sustaining. the political leadership is important so while i wait, as many people do, toee if any of the mayoral candidates will emerge to be strong enough, thoughtful enough to chart a course economically, socially, politically that will carry us forward. i'm not worried. i think people rise to the occasion in public life. i think the city is sort of indigenous power, capital base, intellectual base, immigrant community. therefore so many factors that come together to keep the city going. john sexton who i think one of the smartest people out there said it used to be fire, finance and real estate that were reviewed as the essential industries. intellectual, cultural educational institutions that then bring in the people, the human capital that today in this world defines success or failure makes the city a magnet. that is why the city's pulse continues to be as vibrant as it is. yes, we will miss mike but four years from now, two years from now, i hope... we know one of these candidates will look and say, hey
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2